Embracing Six Sigma Approach to Business Performance Management

Business performance management relies on a number of theoretical frameworks to be able to undertake its functions. One of the more popular ones in the 20th century has been the six sigma model. It operates by the use of consistent standards and seeks to mitigate or even completely eliminate any defects that are causing bottlenecks within the organizational processes. For some this can be boring because it tends to clamp down on excessive imaginative discretion. However it can also enable managers to control vast sections of a multi disciplinary organization.

One of the key features of six sigma is the desire to quantify all processes. This involves the collation of various data related to all processes within the organization. The processes will then be placed under stress to check that they can withstand market conditions. There will a log of the reactions and the deficiencies that have been identified. Management action is then triggered to ensure that the all bottlenecks are either eliminated or their impact is minimized.

business process six sigma

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effective change managementSix sigma also allocates roles to various members of the organization to monitor and report back any problems within the system. They could be senior executives who are encouraged to become passionate about the change management process or they could be middle ranking managers who become change champions. They all form a network that investigates the system. This can foster collegiate working and also gain loyalty to the company. However there is a danger that all this co-operation is merely superficial but deep down the lower ranked employees simply ignore the messages.

As a method of performance management it is more suited to manufacturing industries rather than service industries. Monotony in industries which employ and primarily service human relationships is not ideal. There is also some question as to whether too much uniformity can make the jobs boring and lead to even worse performance. The idea of new structures to support the system can also take away from the normal working practices of the organization and lead to stiff resistance.

There is the issue of complexity which can rear its head when the change champions try to impose their own simplistic interpretations of a given situation. The personalities involved will also have an impact if they do not fit in with the organization or already have existing interpersonal disputes that impact on their role as change champions.

At its best the system can get rid of bad practices that have become institutionalized as well as ushering in new systems that increase output. The creation of standard framework means that management becomes easier and employees have better flexibility in moving around the company. They are also greater management control over the work that is being done.

Not all companies contemplating a formal business performance management system will benefit from six sigma but it has been proven to be quite effective among manufacturing industries and it should be one of the options that are available to executives in their question to increase the competitive advantage of their units.

Effective Performance Feedback – Essential Communication Protocols in Performance Management


All of us like to know how we are doing when we are in the process of doing a job. This is true whether one is a very senior executive or the lowest ranked employee in a government organization. Feedback is part of the essential communication protocols that underpin business performance management. This article aims to show some of the benefits of feedback and also highlight some of the loopholes.

Feedback is not only a function of managers but can extend to employees and customers. Although they might be fearful of the managers it is important to encourage employees to talk to their managers in order to resolve any outstanding issues. Once a culture of communication is established it is easier to motivate workers and deliver good business practice.

The type of feedback given may not be as important as the way it is given. If a manager is rude and dismissive, it is likely that the employees will stop thinking about the feedback is but merely concentrate on the curt manner of the manager. It is also important to note that feedback can be both negative and positive. The manager should not hesitate to compliment the subordinate if there is evidence that they have done something well. This helps to re-enforce good behavior. Even where the manager is giving seriously bad feedback, they should endeavor to do it in a sensitive manner so that it is seen as a learning experience rather than as an insult.

effective performance feedbackThe frequency of feedback can also be an issue. Some people take the attitude that no news is good news. However one of the characteristics of good performance management is that it is pro active and does not wait for things to get out of hand before it intervenes. A responsible manager ought to be able to set up a schedule with whatever team they are supervising and provide them with constructive assistance.

It also pays to be aware of how power structures can affect the effectiveness of feedback. If a very senior manager is supervising a very junior employee there is a possibility that that employee will be so overwhelmed by the seniority of the manager that they will not be able to put in suggestions that they would have otherwise undertaken. A career minded ambitious executive might want to tell him supervisor what they want to hear rather than what they ought to hear. However if the manager is diligent and is aware of the potential problems, they can take steps to ensure that the feedback is accurate.

An often overlooked aspect of good feedback is confidentiality. Employees have a certain basic expectations of their managers and their leaders. If this trust is betrayed even once, it is very hard to build it back up. If there are problems with a particular process it is better to speak to the employees concerned directly rather than resorting to gossip and communication delegation. Your employees will have more respect for you if they believe that you stand by your convictions.10

Dumpster Rental Service For Convenience, Reliability, & Tax Write-Offs


In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, waste management is an integral aspect of business. From standard trash removal services to the disposal of worksite waste, businesses need assurance that their operations facilities are going to remain clean and free from debris. Without question, the most advantageous and cost effective solution for these industries is a commercial dumpster rental service. This article discusses three ways businesses in the industrial or manufacturing sectors will benefit from such services.

One Stop Shop For Waste Disposal

Professional dumpster rental services offer customers a wide range of options when it comes to the disposal and removal of waste. Small businesses that only need a single 10-yard dumpster can benefit just as much as a large corporation that needs to ensure proper waste management with smaller indoor bins, recycling areas, and multiple 30 or 40-yard outdoor containers.

Not only can dumpster rental services handle your conventional waste and recycling needs, they can also cater to more specific disposal needs. You may need outdated machinery or old computers disposed of or recycled, and while there may be additional fees involved, a dumpster service will most likely be able to handle it for you. This is without a doubt more cost effective than hiring an alternate waste management company just to come out and handle the disposal of certain items.

Scheduled & Reliable Pickup Times

Sometimes, relying your city’s local waste removal service can lead to excessive waste buildup when trucks are delayed by only a few hours. However, one of the advantages of utilizing professional dumpster rental services is the reliability of container removals. Whether you need monthly, weekly, or even daily pickup service, a professional dumpster rental service will ensure the waste byproducts of your operations are removed cleanly and in a timely manner.

Tax Benefits

A little known benefit of recycling reusable materials is the tax write-off it affords your business. In fact, depending on the amount of waste you can ultimately recycle, the cost of the dumpster rental service may be entirely offset in the write-off for which such services qualify you.

In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, there are plenty of materials that might better serve your business in the recycling bin than in the waste bin. Materials like metal, wood, and plastic are particularly valuable when you consider the tax write-off potential when recycled.

For those who work in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, enlisting a dumpster rental service can mean not only more convenient waste disposal and removal, but also the potential for significant tax write-offs.

Contact a local rental service, like Bay Disposal Inc., for more details on possible rental benefits.

Doing Your Part

With NJ solar power from Verengo, you are doing a huge service to yourself, your family, and the world in which you live.

Solar power is the way of the future, and it won’t be long now before people begin to realize the unbelievable benefits of solar power, and completely leave behind the inefficient, outdated, and unnecessarily expensive past of coal burning energy.

People tend to be opposed to change, but oftentimes, change is what we need to move forward and to improve, and once this step is taken, the world becomes a far better place. Such is certainly the case with solar, but because solar marks a huge change in a decades-old tradition and habit, many people are skeptical about this amazing energy source, and refuse to even give it a chance.

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Right now, you probably pay hundreds of dollars for your energy bill to a typical company that gets its coal at a low rate, charges you a hefty premium, and sits back while you spur their booming business. Heck, 90 percent of the United States succumbs to the demands of these energy companies, but the good news is that it isn’t the only option anymore.

Wouldn’t you like to break free from these fossil-fuel generating business tycoons, to create your own energy, and to do your part to help the environment improve its worsening condition? If the pro-bono approach doesn’t have any allure to you, how about saving hundreds every single month by transitioning out of coal-burning energy, and into 100 percent clean, solar powered energy?

The world needs your help, and with every kilowatt of electricity that we generate, more and more fossil fuels are being shot up into the ozone layer by the horrific and sordid burning of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are eating away at our ozone, weakening it, and as a result posing a huge threat to mankind, making us more and more vulnerable to the possibility of a meteor falling and destroying the earth.

While this may be a long way off, it is still an important consideration to keep in your back pocket, and if the entire world chooses to disregard it thinking it is too distant, then it becomes even more of an imminent reality.

Solar power has so many benefits and so few disadvantages or risks, that even if you couldn’t care less about the earth, you would still be impressed to know.

The sun alone can supply our earth with 10,000 times the maximum amount of energy it needs every single day, and unlike coal, the sun only takes but 24 hours until it is fully regenerated and can offer another day’s worth of energy, 10,000 fold.

Your local and federal governments are aware of these benefits, and want you to give solar power a chance in your home, so you can be a forerunner in economically efficient, environmentally friendly energy for all to see. Because of its encouragement and support of solar power as an energy alternative, the government has set aside millions upon millions of dollars in rebates and tax credits, offering you a 30 percent return when you purchase your first solar unit.

With these incentives and rebates, you can save thousands of dollars immediately when you switch to solar, and that is based solely on initial costs, and excludes the primary money-saver, which is the cost-free use of solar power itself, and the rolling back of your energy meter. When you roll back that energy meter on your home, that means no more absurd bills from your greedy energy company, and more spending money back in your pocket.

Design Your Own Website

(even if you think HTML is the
latest indie band!)


Thought of creating your own website? Here’s how to design your own website and keep it simple, cost-effective, time manageable and worth the effort.

If you’ve read my journey, you know a few things about me:
Design Your Own Website WWW
I’m trained as a social worker and a nutritionist (no “design your own website” training).
I have five kids (and don’t have the spare time to lay around watching even one soap/eating a handful of bon-bons each day let alone spending 24/7 making my own website).
I’m passionate about some pretty strange and perhaps somewhat less-than-of interest-to-everyone topics (hmmmm, healthy eating and colon cleanses anyone?).
So how the heck did I build a reasonably decent-looking website with lots of pages (the numbers of which increase weekly), with graphics that actually appear in the right places on those pages, working links—a small but important feature—and with slowly but surely increasing monthly traffic?

Good “design your own website” question, which I promise I’ll get to,
but first a little background. . .

Though I have had my own business for over two decades, it is only in the last couple years that I’ve had a website. The first site was built by outside help, contained all of the pertinent information I’d wanted on the website (i.e. services, philosophy, bios of principle staff) and the graphics and layout were really quite appealing. Through no fault of the site designer, however, we received virtually no traffic from the site. In essence, rather than my design your own website dream, we’d built a glorified business card that was only reached when I directed someone to the site.

Knowing I needed to learn a few things about online marketing and attracting people to my site, I spent a great deal of time in 2008 (and not just a little money!) learning about ways to drive traffic, set up landing pages and offer helpful, ongoing service to customers. Though I was still a little unsure of how all this new information could actually be applied in real life and what exactly the steps were that I needed to take to make everything actually happen, I decided to take a leap. Armed with my new information, I took another kick at the design your own website can and early in 2009 began the process of working with a graphics designer and web designer.

We were partway through the creative process needed to design your own website—or in this case part way through the process to create a more expensive glorified business card, again no fault of the highly talented and helpful graphics and web designers I was working with—when I accidentally stumbled upon something called a 10 Day Action Guide. Within a few short minutes of glancing through this step-by-step guided approach, I knew I’d discovered the puzzle piece I’d been vaguely and naggingly aware I was missing.

What was so great about the Action Guide
in my overall “design your own website” plans?

Suddenly I had in front of me the step by step process needed to not only design your own website but to create a whole website concept/business. And not only that, I had information to walk me through an action plan that, done properly and faithfully, virtually ensured site success:
a brainstorming tool to help me fine tune an overall site topic that was based on information I was passionate about and knew well
the search capabilities to ensure the topics I chose to write on within that overall site concept were actually topics people wanted to hear about
a website creation tool that could be as simple (i.e. for the social worker/nutritionists of the world) or as complex (i.e. for web designers and HTML-literate folk, of which I strangely enough now count myself among the ranks!) as desired
an ability to determine appropriate methods to monetize the site that had potential for long-term growth, and not just in mere presence of traffic but in actual real profits
unlimited support, both via Customer Support service but also through peer-to-peer support of very helpful give-and-take forums
one annual fee that included all-in-one domain name analysis, optimization and registration, fast, reliable and state-of-the-Net website hosting, traffic stats and analysis, list-building and email-marketing capabilities and a number of other features (that, in my design your own website learning curve, I have yet to fully grasp or utilize . . . but give me a few more months!; I just knew the one annual fee was less than I had previously been paying for hosting, newsletter services etc.)
I spent weeks pouring over the invaluable information offered in the Action Guide as well as in some of the e-books in SBI’s free series for entrepreneurs and small businesses: Make Your Content PREsell, Make Your Knowledge Sell and Make Your Words Sell. It was amazing to see both how helpful the information was as well as the fact many of the e-books were offered at no cost.

Finally, I took another leap and purchased an SBI site package (here’s a little video tour if you want more information on what the package includes), I kindly and lovingly fired my designers—to be used in the future for e-book formatting, cover design and business branding but no longer for website design—and began working my way through the Action Guide for real.

What’s the whole “design your own website” process REALLY been like?

Has it taken hard work? Absolutely. I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming, writing and creating.

Design Your Own Website WWW
Is there ongoing work needed? For sure, at least over the next 6-12 months. Working regularly on the site, adding content, finding valuable links and creating a site that is really helpful for visitors takes effort.

Was the learning curve a little steep for a website design illiterate? Sometimes, but not overwhelmingly so. The step by step guide lays things out pretty clearly. I just needed to read it carefully and do exactly what it said.

Will you be able to do it? Why not . . . thousands of others, with a wide range of differing interests, passions and skills, have managed. Why not you? Maybe check out their stories for extra encouragement.

Was I able to keep plugging through the Guide and figure things out with a little help from Customer support and the forums? No problem. In the slightly altered lyrics of some of my favourite artists, you too will be able to get by with a little help from your SBI friends.

How about the rewards if I go the
“design your own website” route?

Hopefully without sounding overly “sappy” . . . how do I like SBI? Let me count a few of the ways:
for feeling a sense of accomplishment at learning yet another new skill (I love life-long learning)
for sense of honed purpose in how to plan future income for my business
for loving the questions I get through the website and seeing the increased reach in being able to help others with healthful information.
But there are more intangible rewards in my household as well. Just ask my husband and kids. They are the ones that got to have fun short-listing my final design template. They have had to check out the latest picture I’ve uploaded to the site (especially fun if it is a photo of them!) or delight with me over proper page alignment.

They give the high fives when a strange word-combo search term blasts one of my page rankings to the top 10 (and did intense little “happy dances” with me in the kitchen when one of my main pages first hit that ranking as well). And they get to marvel that their 52 year old mother is the most website design savvy member of the family (although that status may soon be contested, as one of my sons is game to build an SBI site now as well).

Over the next few months I’ll continue to work on my online store and add other ways to monetize my site. I’ll update this page as income begins to grow so you can enjoy that part of the journey as well (sign up for the RSS fee and you’ll automatically be notified when new website content is posted). For now, however, I can say, I followed the SBI Action Guide and what is supposed to happen, is truly happening.

SBI makes online marketing success do-able. If you have some ideas to brainstorm and a passion to follow through on what you start, SBI’s all-in-one process, tools and guidance mean you too can succeed (and will soon be doing your own little kitchen “happy dances”!).

If you want a little more information on how SBI works as a succesful home business, please, feel free to contact me, check out the helpful start your own business page or even ask questions directly of SBI. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this and am excited about the direction things are going. I’d love you to experience that as well!

Take care and please, let me know if you decide to “go for it” too!

Collaboration and Workflow

As enterprises grow and handle bigger and bigger projects, email can no longer serve as the primary means of communication, since it leads to unstructured project information distributed across the mailboxes of team members.

Efficient collaboration is an integral part of a successful project management software. As an effective collaboration software, Projistics allows an organization to define its own business and communication processes. A fully role based workflow engine allows team members to collaborate just as they would in real life. It is easy to share and route project document, assign tasks, view project schedules, review a history of decisions, approvals, comments, discussions and other project related information. Discussion Board functionality helps in managing threaded discussions related to project issues, facilitating information management in distributed environment. Projistics acts as the central repository for all the projects in the organization and allows team members to collaborate effectively during the project lifecycle.2

Business Solutions Through Technology

“Run your business not your I.T systems”
Located in Adelaide, South Australia we provide the following:

We give you peace of mind.
increase your business efficiency.
free up your time.
Increase your bottom line.
Increase your systems reliability.
“Reliability improves reputation”

Our highest priority is to help save your business money by helping improve your Computer networks performance, reliability and efficiency Creydall Systems can provide a full Computer support package, from purchasing hardware, optimising your existing network, to a complex redesign and role-out of a new network.

We look after quite a number of clients computer networks in and around the Adelaide metro area and are constantly amazed at the state of disrepair and general disorganisation of the computer networks we visit prior to our arrival and expert attention.

We have come up with a solution that takes care of all facets of our customers I.T systems. Take a look at our network support plans for further information.

We are constantly reinforcing to our existing clients the importance of their Business systems and information. Small business needs to take far more seriously the consequences of losing all of their business related data, they also need to have a plan to ensure that their business can survive if and when data loss occurs.

Is Your Computer Network Under Control?

While our business makes far more money on emergency call outs when things go drastically wrong, we much prefer to sit down with our clients and fully explain the benefits of planned maintenance over what is commonly called in the I.T industry “fire fighting” and that is constantly running round reacting to problems rather than coming up with an effective plan to prevent a lot of these expensive call outs for our clients.

Our major hurdle is overcoming businesses habit of only spending money on I.T when things go wrong, our proposition to you is; try it for a year, measure what you spend on I.T related expenses at the moment (including costs associated with unscheduled downtime). Use one of our Computer Support plans for a year, then measure the difference in expenditure, in all cases you will find planned maintenance will outperform flying by the seat of your pants every time.

Here are some statistics that may shock you, they were conducted by Gartner a well known and respected I.T research firm.

6% of all PC’s will Suffer data loss during a 1 year time period.
20% of notebooks will suffer hardware failure resulting in data loss within a 3 year period.
59% of participants were victims of mobile or notebook theft.
Over their lifetime 10% of all PC’s are lost or stolen.
Is your data really safe?

Insurance Companies Do Not Insure For Lost Data

This is interesting, because you can not insure data, could this be the reason many businesses do not put any value on their data? Here is a quick way for you to work out how much your business data is worth:

Count how many employees you have.
work out the time they spend creating company data as a percentage.
Work out the cost of all the hardware/software required to maintain your data.
Work out the overheads required to keep all of this infrastructure running (electricity etc)
Add the cost of this up over the year, and that is what your data is worth to you per annum.
For more information have a read of our articles on Consequences of data loss

If it comes across as if we are trying to frighten businesses into action, well, that’s exactly what we are doing. I would not want to see someone who has put their heart and soul into building a business from scratch only to see them lose it over something as preventable as data loss. For a relatively small outlay, we can take care of your network with an appropriate PC support plan and ensure that it runs smoothly and effectively giving you one less problem to worry about, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your primary business objectives.

Don’t get caught out!

Call us on any of the numbers above or use the submit button located on the right hand side of every page of this web site and we will ensure your network is given the care it deserves.

Business Performance Metrics – Indicators Of Business Performance and Growth


Being vital business functions on certain key areas of management, from the frontline level of sales personnel, marketing executives, towards executive management level in marketing directors and management staff, business performance metrics play a key role in accessing the efficient performance of business. With the collective effort of all the staff and management, the functioning of business takes place and gears towards further growth.

Sales, marketing, accounting, financial plan, sales targets, sales achievements and annual financial statements are indicators of business performance. Metrics and KPI (Key performance indicators) are very critical areas which help in making an assessment about business. Business performance metrics is analyzed by status of existing customers, requirement of new customers, status of existing customers and accounts and balances. Profitability, bad debts incurred and the outstanding balances indicate about business performance.


Smart Business


Data collection, data verification and data analysis are very important in making an assessment about business performance. Business performance metrics is also closely related with the process of customer relationship management and Enterprise Resources Planning ( ERP ). With the sophisticated computer software programs, it is very easy to make analysis of business performance metrics. But this has to be done on a professional ground and not on rapid basis.

Careful analysis would always yield perfect results which will work out to the best performance of business. In fact accurate business performance metrics will work towards the development of business and otherwise, may lower the profits of business. This strong subject of business performance metrics has been yielding very good results for business experts, businessmen and business professionals. It is true that in business nothing is guaranteed unless it is tested in the market. For example, there are many brands of perfumes and clothes in the market. Consumers buy a particular variety of perfume according to their choice and tasty, likewise with the preference in clothing and fashionable brands. It is critical for enterprise to conduct periodic assessment of its business performance metrics, this practice help to work towards business growth in long term.

Business Marketing with Effective Graphical Presentation

Graphics is not only for the mind of artist and designer. Today’s business world is can’t goes without graphics. With the use of computer, business marketing efforts could now have much more impact with highly professional graphics. In computer world, graphics is a hardware program device which makes the picture visible and more beautiful to anyone’s eyes. It’s mainly required for high professional design approach. Graphics products are not only produced for computer. It’s also widely as effective Business Marketing and Communication strategy. Banner stands is a high professional graphics product which has a extreme popularity.

Banner stands graphics product:
banner designThis is a popular and wonderful graphics product. Its mainly used retail displays, trade show, in presentation and anywhere you need a vertical banner as a portable display. This product is available with every size and many models are available in the market. It’s a quick setup device. There are different banner stands accessories available in the market. Such banner stands are portable, roll up, retail, X and so on. It’s price also reliable for the customers. You can also get much information from the web about this product and also some other graphics product and you easily choose your need.

Different Banner stands:
The most easiest and popular Banner stands is retractable banner. It’s very much popular for its style and design. This banner is also called roll up or pulls up. It’s normally used in the system where spring is available but also used where it’s unavailable. This is very simple product. Another kind of product is portable which also known as non-retractable banner stand. It’s normally used in retail location with less mobile base. For its distinguishable feature its different from other banner stands. A type of portable device is X banner stands. It has a different verity of style. Its arms are also very much flexible. There are other kind of product is also available in the market.

Smart Business

Need of today’s Business World:
In this present world, every business need to bring out their best presentation to consumers. So graphics is a must for today’s business world. Effective use of banner stand suits business marketing and communication strategy well, especially in introducing new products to the local market.

Are you ready to start a profitable small business in 2012

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