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“Run your business not your I.T systems”
Located in Adelaide, South Australia we provide the following:

We give you peace of mind.
increase your business efficiency.
free up your time.
Increase your bottom line.
Increase your systems reliability.
“Reliability improves reputation”

Our highest priority is to help save your business money by helping improve your Computer networks performance, reliability and efficiency Creydall Systems can provide a full Computer support package, from purchasing hardware, optimising your existing network, to a complex redesign and role-out of a new network.

We look after quite a number of clients computer networks in and around the Adelaide metro area and are constantly amazed at the state of disrepair and general disorganisation of the computer networks we visit prior to our arrival and expert attention.

We have come up with a solution that takes care of all facets of our customers I.T systems. Take a look at our network support plans for further information.

We are constantly reinforcing to our existing clients the importance of their Business systems and information. Small business needs to take far more seriously the consequences of losing all of their business related data, they also need to have a plan to ensure that their business can survive if and when data loss occurs.

Is Your Computer Network Under Control?

While our business makes far more money on emergency call outs when things go drastically wrong, we much prefer to sit down with our clients and fully explain the benefits of planned maintenance over what is commonly called in the I.T industry “fire fighting” and that is constantly running round reacting to problems rather than coming up with an effective plan to prevent a lot of these expensive call outs for our clients.

Our major hurdle is overcoming businesses habit of only spending money on I.T when things go wrong, our proposition to you is; try it for a year, measure what you spend on I.T related expenses at the moment (including costs associated with unscheduled downtime). Use one of our Computer Support plans for a year, then measure the difference in expenditure, in all cases you will find planned maintenance will outperform flying by the seat of your pants every time.

Here are some statistics that may shock you, they were conducted by Gartner a well known and respected I.T research firm.

6% of all PC’s will Suffer data loss during a 1 year time period.
20% of notebooks will suffer hardware failure resulting in data loss within a 3 year period.
59% of participants were victims of mobile or notebook theft.
Over their lifetime 10% of all PC’s are lost or stolen.
Is your data really safe?

Insurance Companies Do Not Insure For Lost Data

This is interesting, because you can not insure data, could this be the reason many businesses do not put any value on their data? Here is a quick way for you to work out how much your business data is worth:

Count how many employees you have.
work out the time they spend creating company data as a percentage.
Work out the cost of all the hardware/software required to maintain your data.
Work out the overheads required to keep all of this infrastructure running (electricity etc)
Add the cost of this up over the year, and that is what your data is worth to you per annum.
For more information have a read of our articles on Consequences of data loss

If it comes across as if we are trying to frighten businesses into action, well, that’s exactly what we are doing. I would not want to see someone who has put their heart and soul into building a business from scratch only to see them lose it over something as preventable as data loss. For a relatively small outlay, we can take care of your network with an appropriate PC support plan and ensure that it runs smoothly and effectively giving you one less problem to worry about, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your primary business objectives.

Don’t get caught out!

Call us on any of the numbers above or use the submit button located on the right hand side of every page of this web site and we will ensure your network is given the care it deserves.

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