Can the trial version of a plug-in be converted to a full version?

FxPlug plug-ins (for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5)

To activate a trial version of these plug-ins, purchase a license on our web store and we'll give you a serial number. Then launch Digital Heaven License Manager in the Applications folder and click the Activate button on the relevant plug-in. Enter your serial number and the plug-in will be activated on that system.

FxScript plug-ins (for Final Cut Pro 4-7 and Final Cut Express)

Unfortunately due to FXScript plug-in limitations, a trial version of a plug-in cannot be converted to a full version once purchased. It will be necessary to remove the trial version from the Plugins folder and install the full version.

If you have already used the trial version in a sequence, then you will need to replace the generator, filter or transition with the full version of the plug-in. There is a workaround for changing large numbers of DH_Subtitle Trial clips which could be adapted for other plug-ins.

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