Dead pixels have long been a issue on traditional video cameras, but with the recent innovation of shooting HD video on DSLRs the problem is becoming more widespread. Manually fixing damaged and often irreplaceable footage can be a time consuming and sometimes near impossible task. Enter DH_Reincarnation 2.0 that enables up to two dead pixel areas to be intelligently replaced with a single application of the plug-in.



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Back to Life

Up to two dead pixel areas can be intelligently replaced with new pixels at a time. The width and height of each area can be independently set and a preview mode ensures only the damaged pixels are affected.

New and Improved

With DH_Reincarnation 2.0 you can now choose between Horizontal, Vertical or Horizontal & Vertical interpolation modes when fixing your footage. Previously only Horizontal interpolation was used and this could produce issues with camera pans or vertical edges on objects moving through the frame. In this new version, the interpolation can be changed to ensure the best results for each particular shot and there is even a mix control to blend between Horizontal and Vertical modes. In addition the area range has been increased to a maximum of 16 pixels making it possible to deal with large dead pixel areas on HD footage.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro (4.0 - 7.0.3) or Final Cut Express (2.0 and later)

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