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Waiting for disks to wake up can be a frustrating experience for content creators who frequently work with media files located on multiple disks. Disksomnia 4.0 has been completely rewritten as a menu bar app that works seamlessly in the background to keep disks awake, including those that ignore Energy Saver preferences.



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  • "I've been using Disksomnia for just a week and I love it! It's a tiny app for a tiny price that does a tiny thing, but it's a BIG help in keeping my productivity from stalling when I'm editing with clients under a tight deadline."

    Roger Hayes


- Rewritten as a menu bar app so you can see when Disksomnia is active.
- Abiity to adjust how frequently disks are kept awake (between 5 and 999 seconds).
- Visual countdown until the next 'poke' to selected disks.
- Select which disks are kept awake.
- Keep selected disks awake at all times or only when selected applications are running.

Current Version


System Requirements

- Intel Mac with 64-bit processor (this excludes Core Solo or Core Duo as used in early iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini models)
- Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion (or later).

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