Doing Your Part

With NJ solar power from Verengo, you are doing a huge service to yourself, your family, and the world in which you live.

Solar power is the way of the future, and it won’t be long now before people begin to realize the unbelievable benefits of solar power, and completely leave behind the inefficient, outdated, and unnecessarily expensive past of coal burning energy.

People tend to be opposed to change, but oftentimes, change is what we need to move forward and to improve, and once this step is taken, the world becomes a far better place. Such is certainly the case with solar, but because solar marks a huge change in a decades-old tradition and habit, many people are skeptical about this amazing energy source, and refuse to even give it a chance.

Smart Business


Right now, you probably pay hundreds of dollars for your energy bill to a typical company that gets its coal at a low rate, charges you a hefty premium, and sits back while you spur their booming business. Heck, 90 percent of the United States succumbs to the demands of these energy companies, but the good news is that it isn’t the only option anymore.

Wouldn’t you like to break free from these fossil-fuel generating business tycoons, to create your own energy, and to do your part to help the environment improve its worsening condition? If the pro-bono approach doesn’t have any allure to you, how about saving hundreds every single month by transitioning out of coal-burning energy, and into 100 percent clean, solar powered energy?

The world needs your help, and with every kilowatt of electricity that we generate, more and more fossil fuels are being shot up into the ozone layer by the horrific and sordid burning of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are eating away at our ozone, weakening it, and as a result posing a huge threat to mankind, making us more and more vulnerable to the possibility of a meteor falling and destroying the earth.

While this may be a long way off, it is still an important consideration to keep in your back pocket, and if the entire world chooses to disregard it thinking it is too distant, then it becomes even more of an imminent reality.

Solar power has so many benefits and so few disadvantages or risks, that even if you couldn’t care less about the earth, you would still be impressed to know.

The sun alone can supply our earth with 10,000 times the maximum amount of energy it needs every single day, and unlike coal, the sun only takes but 24 hours until it is fully regenerated and can offer another day’s worth of energy, 10,000 fold.

Your local and federal governments are aware of these benefits, and want you to give solar power a chance in your home, so you can be a forerunner in economically efficient, environmentally friendly energy for all to see. Because of its encouragement and support of solar power as an energy alternative, the government has set aside millions upon millions of dollars in rebates and tax credits, offering you a 30 percent return when you purchase your first solar unit.

With these incentives and rebates, you can save thousands of dollars immediately when you switch to solar, and that is based solely on initial costs, and excludes the primary money-saver, which is the cost-free use of solar power itself, and the rolling back of your energy meter. When you roll back that energy meter on your home, that means no more absurd bills from your greedy energy company, and more spending money back in your pocket.

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