Final Print


Please note, Final Print is not compatible with Final Cut Pro X projects

Final Print is the must-have tool for browsing and printing Final Cut Pro 4-7 projects. By taking full advantage of Final Cut Pro’s XML interchange format, Final Print allows the user to view a list of clips, markers or the content of a bin with up to 10 columns of information. The lists can be printed or saved as a PDF file providing a very useful workflow enhancement when handing off a project to another member of the post production team.



  • "I love using Final Print. Working with an editing team, I often use Final Print to go over the next round of edits. Rather than having to sit in front of the editing deck and go over things frame by frame, I set the markers and take advantage of the illustrated set of edit points. We can even mark up the page further after we print it out. Thanks for increasing the efficiency of our teamwork."

    Sanford Lewis
    Producer, Strategic Video


Bin a Long Time...

Time for a celebration - printing a Final Cut Pro bin with thumbnails has never been easier! Simply open a currently running project (Final Cut Pro 7 only) or exported XML file into Final Print. Up to 10 columns of information are displayed for each clip or sequence in a bin which can be printed or saved as a PDF file.
View a PDF example of Final Print bin output (2.1MB)

Mark My Words...

Printing markers is just as easy. Notes at particular timecodes are made directly in Final Cut Pro as markers on clips or sequences. When opened in Final Print these markers are shown with their name, comment, timecode and thumbnail image.
View a PDF example of Final Print marker output (983KB)

Sequence Clips have arrived...

Production teams rejoice! It is now possible to view a list of clips inside a Final Cut Pro sequence complete with thumbnails and timecode information. The new filtering buttons allow you to choose which clips are shown by their track.
View a PDF example of Final Print sequence clip output (2.5MB)

Fine Tuning

Final Print's column layouts can be customised and saved for future use. The displays can be sorted by a particular column and filtered by marker colour or sequence track. Even the colour of the printed header can be changed and your company or production logo shown at the top of every printed page.

Please note that thumbnails are not displayed for generators or nested clips.

Current Version


System Requirements

Mac computer with an Intel processor
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (or later)
Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 - 7.0.3 for creation of XML files
Final Cut Pro 7.0 - 7.0.3 is required for direct opening of projects

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